Today’s selection of fresh electro-funk, delivered right to the doorstep of your listening pleasure, comes courtesy of MelkuMan’s "Fussy Dude".

Without a doubt, the key feature of the track has to be that bass-line. It keeps a solid foundation, while occasionally emerging at the forefront in the form of a strongly plucked note to help the whole track achieve its distinct groove.

The alteration between a dreamy flute melody, wide clean guitars and the wobbly synths makes the whole track sound as if the instruments communicate with each other, similar to how they would if they were played by a full band live.

Having said that, the track lands in a very interesting spot where it sounds full, tight and super colorful, yet somehow also laid-back and chill. So depending on your mood you can listen to it as a groovy tune to dance to or just for introducing some nice musical color to your everyday tasks.

posted by Chris
January 2021