Oscar Jerome certainly knows what’s good! “Sun For Someone” finds him at home, delivering yet another neo rnb masterpiece in the funky idiosyncratic manner that has been separating him from the pack from the start.

“Sun For Someone” includes some artistic trademarks we have come to expect from an Oscar Jerome track (the organic, jazzy sound of the guitars; spoken word poetry “translated” in generically structured verses). It also hides some pleasant surprises beneath the groove (the fractional guitar solo that takes place over the course of the last thirty seconds). Oscar is definitely not breaking any new ground here, but really, does he have to?

Without being a distinguished innovator with the bravado of experimenting for the sake of experimenting, he has managed to curve his own mark of alternative rnb. “Sun For Someone” is the perfect picture example of how he does that. Just take a listen to the cryptic, apocalyptic lyrics of blood draining in bathroom basins, laid on top of a bassline that would perfectly fit in any Tower Of Power song. Oscar delivers them with a deadpan manner, full of tender soulfulness, that swings back and forth between rnb sensitivity and prophetic crooning. In the hands of a lesser artist, it would sound like a garage band track.

posted by Dimitar
February 2021