Any unique cross-genre music experiments always pique my interest; "All You Need Is Time" fits that descriptor to a tee. The latest collaboration between ambient figureheads AK and Dario Lessing is an off-kilter journey into the eerie world of ambient house.

Initially composed in a Berlin church, where piano virtuoso Dario Lessing escapes from time to time to play, the main theme of "All You Need Is Time" was born. Ambient electronic artist AK then stepped in to build a whole production around this texture, which led to the creation of this gorgeous infusion of breakbeat, house and ambient electronica.

Opening with a syncopated keys sequence that is swiftly joined by a rich, plucked bassline, the atmosphere is immediately defined. The track wastes no time in creating a world and propelling the listener through it, the bassline ticking over like pistons on a train.

Delicate textures spread around the listener's head, soft plucks that swell out of nowhere then spiral into the distance. Accented by an echoing vocal, they construct a vast chasm for the drums to bounce off, leaving room for a shining guitar lead in the second half.

Fans of Four Tet or James Blake will find a home here. Stream "All You Need Is Time":

posted by Rob
February 2021