A quieter and more mindful sub-child of modern dubstep. The genre exists to mainly help people chill and relax, while it keeps the bass energy of the other genres in its family. The music dwells in the 120 - 140 BPM range and the main beat is rather repetitive and while you could expect a significant bass presence, it’s definitely in the background as it lays the stage for ambient-inspired (and often mellow) sounds.

The key features of chillstep are low, throbbing bass, a BPM on the rather lower end of things (compared to drum and bass ro dubstep) and distant, echoing vocals - an element which can be found in future garage, where the feeling of lonesomeness is more prominent. Artists that often come up in chillstep discussions are Mt Eden, Rusko, Seven Lions, Skrux, Rameses B, CMA, MitiS, and Mr. Fijiwiji.