Kendall Miles is definitely one of the names to know when it comes to chillhop. Well, today, he's making our jaws drop.

The US producer & guitarist joined forces with emerging talent from Italy - SkaR, for something that transcends into an outer world. "Echoes" blends downtempo, chillstep & future garage vibes, reminiscent of the likes of edapollo & Koresma.

“Releasing “Echoes” is one of those tracks that can stray from the desired path and become something unique and unexpected. SkaR sent me some stems for an idea he had, and I changed those stems into a more darker-sounding song, and added more of my own sounds. After that, we continued to tweak the track to our liking. SkaR & I are primarily lofi/chillhop producers, “Echoes” ended up becoming more of a downtempo/electronic type song.”, Kendall added.

A song that evokes light through darkness, and finding peace of mind through spending time alone with your thoughts.

SkaR adds, “The original demo for ‘Echoes’ was quite different from the final version that you hear today. It was bright mixing-wise, and relatively uninspiring. I shared it with Kendall, and he liked the sound. I’ve sent him the stems, and in return he sent me his own take on the track, which transformed it into something truly beautiful. We worked together to build out the structure, with constant feedback and input from Kendall, including new elements, drums, and Kendall’s guitar that you can hear in the transition. The track is a moody, introspective piece that captures a sense of solitude without being overly dark.

I’m honored to have collaborated with Kendall on this release, and incredibly grateful to Stereofox for giving us the opportunity to share it with the world.”

Get it on your preferred streaming platform or Bandcamp.

posted by Nasko
May 2023