posted by Nasko
August 2018

Brasstracks are definitely one of my best finds since I became part of the Stereofox crew.

For Those Who Know Pt. I blew my mind and I couldn't be happier the time has come for Pt. II.

Again, maybe not a surprise, but the EP features amazing artists like Robert Glasper, S'natra, Thirdstory, and more.

The 2nd and last part of the For Those Who Know EP series explores new sounds - more of a funked up R&B/soul direction rooted in hip-hop. Brasstracks share:

The creation of For Those Who Know was about a 15 month long process between both parts. We've been having fun with it - experimenting with new sounds, bringing in new people, figuring out a way to feel comfortable in our own skin while pushing our own boundaries, and of course trying to listen for what our fans want to hear from us.

It's become sort of a tradition for me to pick a track from an album, so I'd definitely recommend the Improv #2 here. There was something super magical in the Improv #1 and it's definitely here again - the super powerful and genuine sound of Brasstracks & Robert Glasper's instrumental, combined with the nice flow of S'natra and Thirdstory's singing.

Of course, Xavier Omar's input to the EP shouldn't get unnoticed - "Stay There" is certainly one of the finest R&B tracks lately.

I believe you've already found enough reasons to to play this one on repeat!

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