posted by Ivo
January 2024

Splitting his time between his motherland Japan and France, music composer and sound designer Hidetoshi Koizumi (previously known as hybrid leisureland) explores the complicated anatomic universe of the various movements of the human heart. The thoughts, feelings, and concerns of our daily lives.

Hidetoshi's father was a professional flutist, which influenced him to study classical piano from the tender age of 4. In high school, he expanded his influence and explored the foundations of rock music before finding experimental ambient and techno music thanks to the works of acts like Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Kraftwerk. That newfound love led him to venture into music production, using everyday sounds like human voices and car engines to create a unique sonic palette and experiences. What's most inspiring to Hidetoshi are those soundscapes that organically blend with the social environment around us.

His sophomore album, Number Face, is the product of this interest and it offers listeners a collection of 13 compositions that are designed to help listeners learn more about themselves. It didn't take long before realizing why he listed Yellow Magic Orchestra as some of his main influences. Besides being amongst some of the most influential and forward-thinking electronic acts of that time, I'm sure their physical proximity to young Hidetoshi played a pivotal role in his taste growing up as a person and later on as a producer.

"I would be happy if listeners connect with emotions like happiness, sadness, worries, and elation while the music is integrated into the scenes of their day. This album is for those who cherish their own time and space, be it on a drive, on a walk, or anywhere in the midst of a solitary moment.", shares Hidetoshi.

The choice of album title is purposeful. Number Face expresses the artist's wish for a peaceful world where individual values ​​and ways of thinking are more respected. Hidetoshi hopes that people understand the uniqueness of each of us (face, interests, abilities) and how valuable that individuality is to the environment we all live in. This soundtrack to our daily life is a beautiful way to stop all distractions and submerge into the inner us and reflect on that. "If you dive into your own memories in a space where the songs from this album play, you may be able to unearth a variety of emotions and thoughts and discover something new about yourself.", he further elaborates.

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I listened to the album while on a long walk and it was mesmerizing how distant everything in my daily life felt for a second.

Number Face is an island one should travel to alone. Stream on all major platforms here.

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