posted by Ivo
November 2014

Utterly excited to be able to share with you Fwdslxsh's (pronounced forward flash) debut EP titled The Fall. We've been keeping a close eye on the young producer ever since he entered our music radars and I have to say that for the most part of 2014 I've considered his art a watermark when it comes to blending r&b, trap and electronic music.

After collaborating with a numerous names in the scene including Tajan from the notorious Soulection label, now it's time to bundle all the goodness together in a 7-tracks-long very atmospheric EP which you can stream via Soundcloud or bandcamp (also name your price/free download included).

A little info he shared for The Fader prior the release of this brilliant EP:

"My debut EP marks the beginning of everything for me. I feel as if it signifies and is a manifestation of a number of new beginnings for me. Having only started creating music recently, this project contains songs that paint a portrayal of my musical journey to date, and reflect my most immediate emotions. These tracks are important to me and I hope others will feel what I felt when I made them."

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