posted by Ivo
March 2016

It's been ages (yes, Sufjan, I'm looking at you) since the last time I sat down and laid my hands on some good indie/folk/acoustic record. Not individual tracks, but rather full release... although today's release is technically an EP.

Premiering any good music is always a little cause for celebration, especially when an artist who does outstanding job chooses us to be the first point of contact (if that sounds right) with the rest of the world.

RV Farms' Pale sounds like a well-thought journey though folk and indie and acoustic landscapes. The kind of soundtrack one would take on a journey without any other companion. When I first played the whole thing and the title track "Pale" started in the background, I initially thought I'll be just drifting in the lonesome corner of acoustic music, but to my surprise things got really diverse, real quick.

I must say the whole things feels like a constant build with its ups and downs and finishing off with a track like "Bright Room" felt somehow right. I'm not singling out those two tracks just for the sole reason of them being simply put awesome, but as this feels like a journey, the first and end point felt somehow important.

As with most of my reviews, I'll recommend to just hit that play button and enjoy the EP from - to. Don't rush. Take your time. Oh, in case you care, yep - I do have a favourite - "Craters" is definitely one of the highlights of acoustic music this year for me. Before I wrap this up, something I quite enjoyed from his bio:

there’s sadness here, but the overriding joy reveals itself in time

If you enjoyed this, pre-order the EP and support Daniel (the guy behind the moniker) on bandcamp.

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