posted by Ivo
October 2013

This would probably be the most spontaneous album review I have ever done, but in the final few hours before launching our crowd-funding campaign, the anxiety and excitement in me reached levels which I really wanted to slow down... and what's a better way to relax than listening to an album called Songs To Break Up To. The album was released in August and so far has been buzzing around that Internet place.

Hailing from Perth, Regan Ta-ku Mathews, who we've already featured a few times, quickly became one of my all-time favourite producers. His music incorporates various elements rooted in instrumental hip hop beats, experimental music, and r&b. The last one is usually enhanced by the talented vocalists joining him on that beautiful, beautiful sonic journey.

So, Songs To Break Up To. Three words - smooth as fuck. The album caused a wave of quite entertaining tweets, which I just feel obliged to share with you.

Frankly said, the title of the album couldn't be any better. Perfectly fits with the music and as you saw gives a lot of room for creativity. And of course, the album is not only for those broken-hearted folks out there. If you are in for some bits of mellow sadness - that's your record! Not sure how is your case, but this state of mind, in my case, often makes me think more clearly. Taken from a personal experience - this record is perfect for a quiet walk at night. I guess it's something many people would enjoy listening on their own...?

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Songs To Break Up To kicks off with two rather introductory tracks - "Beginning Of The End" and "Heartbreak (Sinking)", which are... well, yeah good introduction for what's next. What's next is a tremendous soothing tracks where hip hop beats and r&b vocals mingle with a few elements of experimental electronic music. So yeah - the next few tracks "I miss you", "Love Lost" and "I Miss You More" kinda mark the sadness peak in the record. Haha, I mean c'mon guys - you shouldn't be surprised that the word love and miss are dominating in a record with such a name. They might be cheesy words, but damn it - well executed, Ta-Ku!

The one track from the rest of the album, I feel like mentioning out is "Healing (Hope You're Well)". I guess it is the most experimental piece in the album. Plus, I like the title. It marks the moment when you realize "Hey, the worst is over, I am moving on and there's something better ahead".

To sum up, I find the album kind of like a breath of fresh air. I don't listen to a lot of electronic albums from the first to the last track, but that one definitely made it on the list. I hope you guys find a good time and place to enjoy the record. Hats off, Regan!

Listen to more of Ta-ku's songs and mixes in his artist profile or browse our lush vibes category for more similar artists.

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