posted by Ivo
October 2022

Today we spotlight one of the champions in the rocktronic scene these days - German-born producer and singer TRAILS and his debut EP DIAMOND MIND released via Cloud Kid.

The 5-track release introduced TRAILS perfection with "DEAD" - a tune that encompasses elements of both rock and electro-pop. According to the artist, the foundation of the track is a monotonous framework which he later infused with organic/distorted rock elements in order to breath life into it sonically. All of this was perfectly juxtaposed to the screaming in the background to enhance the track.

By the time the opener is over, you'll be quickly transported in the rather new-wave/post-punk driven "SHAKE". What I absolutely loved in here was actually how the drumkit sounds. Here and in the following "WHAT YOU ARE IN THE DARK", the Germany-based artist focused on ‘break out of your shell’ type sounds that slowly built up more and more with each chorus. TRAILS reminds listeners that being an artist sometimes means finally breaking out of that shell, when the solitude of being a musician and working all day ‘n night becomes too ostracising and mainly rooted in perfectionism. Inspired by artists like Linkin Park, Wage War and Sub Urban on this track, TRAILS caters to various sounds on this last track — as per usual — with rap and beats mixing in with a rock/metal vibe.

TRAILS continues, “I’ve been so obsessed with music and really giving it my all, that I started to cut out anything from my life that would take away time from focusing time on that, which was kind of everything enjoyable in life that was not “work.” necessarily. I wouldn’t socialize, I’d neglect friends, have no fun; I’d just work and then wonder why shit wasn’t going well. So, the chorus is that state of mind, pre-realization that it’s just not working and that it was time to break away from that. The song focuses on the pressure that you put on yourself to meet these goals that aid in this perfectionism that paradoxically leads the way to this project, but also leads to self-sabotage, self-destruction, and the anxiety that probably drives it all home.”  

Besides the tons of distorted guitars, DIAMOND MIND engraves tons of nostalgia in the EP, something vivid in "DISINTER MY HEART", arguably my most favourite track.

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Honestly, I picked up so many genres in just 5 tracks. From Bring Me The Horizon, PVRIS, and all the way BROCKHAMPTON, TRAILS' art is anything, but one-directional. I bet you'll love this.

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