posted by Ivo
March 2014

I guess the first time I really felt the benefits of online blogging about music was a month ago when to my surprise, I found in my inbox a pre-listen watermarked link to Tycho's new album Awake.

Given the fact that I've been following him closely for quite some time, laying my hands over this masterpiece felt awesome! Scott Hansen, Tycho, ISO50. He goes by many names and there's one thing that's sure - he's anything but just a regular dude.

Now, Scott, accompanied by Zac, Rory officially released Awake and mark my words - this would be a watermark in electronic/experimental music. You can purchase the record on iTunes.

As I'm writing these lines, I'm slowly realizing this won't be the typical album review one would expect. I feel like sharing my thoughts on this guy's art (in any form) and of course his spine-tingling music. As he goes beyond music, I just thought it would be nice to do the same with my post. Kinda makes sense, right?

One of the things I appreciate a lot when it comes to Tycho is the fact that he creates his own visuals. I can't recall many artists who can express themselves so well not only music-wise but using the form of visual design. It is not that surprising that someone with background in web design ends up creating such mind-blowing music. I think before anything, the sounds we are blessed to hear in this post can be described as creative.

But now lets talk music. Awake consists of 8 tracks and it lasts roughly around 40 minutes - the perfect time span for such music. Long enough to put you in the right mood and in the same time short enough to make you feel a little bit sad that the whole music experience is over. If you follow us regularly, you would already be familiar with few of the tracks on the album. He has been gradually sharing a track and artwork design over the course of the last months and so far we featured "Awake", "Montana" and "Spectre". I guess it goes without saying, but all three tracks are amazing, so is the rest of the album!

tycho art

Tycho has been gradually moving from using solely synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines to more instrumentally-created and driven sounds. The biggest evidence and support for this statement is this album itself. Funny fact - he didn't even touch a guitar until he had already been making music for five years.

Tracks like "L" and "Dye" bring me back into his Dive days, but most of the other tracks just make me wanna sit behind a drum kit and play along with the music. I don't have that feeling with his previous albums... I guess that says enough?

You know some people have this once in a lifetime lone journey where they discover what life is all about and where do they fit in the whole picture. I'm not sure if I would ever experience that, but if I do, there's one thing for sure - Awake would be my music companion.

I hope you enjoy the album as much as I do and if you're curious to find out more about the person behind Tycho - read this brilliant interview in thegreatdiscontent.

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