posted by Rob
March 2020

Foxwood is a relatively new name on the ambient scene, but one that has already piqued the interest of many. His debut body of work, the A Love of Beautiful Things EP, accumulated thousands of streams on SoundCloud alone and earnt him an established base of fans eagerly awaiting his next release (me included).

On March 22nd, Foxwood gave us Yours Sincerely, a stunning 5-track EP that expands beautifully on the gentle sound that had started to become synonymous with his name. Each track is beautifully controlled and restrained; at no point does anything sound out-of-place, overdone or forced.

Equally impressively, every track seems to have a very specific purpose: "Father", an intensely emotive cinematic-sounding piece, opens things up beautifully as if setting a stage for the rest of the tracks to take place upon. I suppose it could be described as a sort of "musical establishing shot". "Bramble Cottage" then sounds like an introspective evening walk through the hills, while "Lavender" stops to rest at the top; the sun setting slowly in the distance.

If his current discography is anything to go by, it seems a certainty that Foxwood will release some incredibly special music in the future; no doubt his name will be mentioned here again. For now, I simply urge you to take a listen to and enjoy this masterful body of work, you won't regret it.

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