posted by Nasko
December 2020

I know we're all in need of some good vibes and summer memories are definitely a great source of that.

Pastel's music was often in our mixes and feed this year, standing out with sweet groove, bossa-nova & funk-infused vibes, and guitars that just make you smile (check our interview with him). And last week he presented us with his long-awaited debut album Cereal, out via our friends at Sidekick Music.

Debut album Cereal

Two of the first singles, "Parx" and "Bamboo" (with elizatwinkles), are in my on-repeat playlist to this day and managed to set the mood for the whole album - perfectly balancing between smoothness & freshness.

Kicking off with a trip to Brasil and the sandy beaches ("Caninha Love") and transitioning to the sweet "Let You", featuring Haoting, the entry to the album is effortless.

"Daylight" (with Ben Kessler) and "Caramel" offer more of that delight that puts you in a dream state but the highlight is definitely the two unheard pieces - "Mo'orea" and "Kimono". More of that bossa nova rhythm and slick guitars in the first one and closing the project with a bit of nostalgia in Pastel's vocals and in the mellow synths. Pure awesomeness!

Brand New Music Video of "Caramel"

Alongside the full album, Pastel also presented us with a gorgeous hazy & romantic music video of "Caramel":

He shares about the challenges of completing the track and the video in 2020:

The challenge with "Caramel" was to release the song during summer, so I had 2 weeks to finish it. With the whole situation I couldn't record in a studio so I ended up recording in my shed. The music video was also a challenge as the lockdown was stopped in Europe, so we decided to film it as soon as we could. The work was really intense for a couple of weeks between the post preparation and the accordination of the team but finally ended up flying to the Netherlands to shoot it. 2 days later the government put more restrictions between countries for the pandemic and the video was all done.

Cereal is the much-needed getaway we could use this year, especially in winter. Hope you enjoy it!