posted by Nasko
July 2023

Exploring your past & upbringing can be a painful journey but the importance of one's roots is undisputed.

Las Vegas-based hip hop artist THT Cyrus, who's a son of immigrant parents of Samoan descent, delves into his relationship with his parents and his troublesome early years - a result of his parents getting involved in criminal activities in the '80s & '90s, in his debut EP Mama's Boy.

"At the age of 4, my family was still heavily involved in the gang and my father had been incarcerated. It was rough growing up because of the mental and emotional stress that I felt. I felt forgotten. There wasn't a shoulder to lean on, it was just toughen up and keep moving. Yes, my family had their brother, cousin, son, friend, etc who did time. But I was doing time as well waiting for my dad to come back. I took my anger out on the streets," he shares.

Cyrus is a completely different person now - "a father, a homeowner, an author, and an artist" and putting his energy, thoughts & reflections into his music.

The opening song "Mama's Boy Intro" gives a way into his life story with soul samples-based boom bap instrumental while expressing gratitude to his mother & the lessons he'll imply to raising his own son.

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Followed by the gospel-driven "Yes", featuring Shaun Flaco, which feels like a light at the end of the tunnel - with its upbeat beatwork & bright melodies. The song focuses on the good aspects of life & believing in yourself, even at the worst of times.

"From The Top" with R.Shade carries a more newschool touch with the autotune chorus & the trap drums but is unified with the other tunes by the jazzy keys. A more melancholic take on his past, Cyrus reflects back on God, how his life panned out, the help of his mother, and the inner conflicts in him.

The closing track "Heal" is probably my favorite of all. The story puts focus on his father, all the life lessons he learned from abuse, depression & tough inter-people connections - and the way you can stand up once you've grown enough. Full of metaphors, heartfelt lyrics & melancholic keys, the song will surely grab you by the throat.

Mama's Boy EP was released shortly after the birth of his first son. A gorgeous metaphor for life & parenthood.

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