Even though Alex Forte’s “Gone With the Wind” could be classified as Lo-fi in this day and age… This gem is actually VERY reminiscent of old Kanye (particularly "Everything I Am") thanks to the soul Alex has tapped into on here.

Initially, the composition of those warm, comforting keys lures our attention to “Gone With The Wind” along with the Doom-esque intro. From the chorus to the verses, we can hear the dejection and forlornness in Alex’s vocal delivery and this ultimately heightens the theme of the track in quite a seamless manner. The West Coast based rapper shines a light on the troubles an artist goes through expressing his art and surviving everyday life problems. His songwriting is imbued with honesty and is paired with witty rhymes that flow as gently as silk grazing your skin.

This is the kind of listening experience lovers of Jazz and boom bap will definitely gravitate towards.  

posted by Lu
September 2022