Ok so twenty-something, Danish Singer/Songwriter Alex Vargas decides to throw out a cover of one of the most recognizable songs of the last decade - risky? Yep

Whether the risk has paid off or not isn't really for me to judge - personally though this has to be one of my favourite interpretations out there at the minute (alongside another Vargas cover - "Sweet Nothing"). It's layered with simplicity that literally fractures the track to the point of anonymity - no easy feat with such an iconic track.

In summary I just can't get enough of this guy at the minute and everything about this track should tell you why. Having stood through one of his intimate gigs, watching him the loop the backside out of "Oh love, How You Break Me Up", you can tell immediately that a truly unique talent is on show. To me "Ordinary People" does nothing but reinforce that opinion.

posted by Staff
August 2015