Last week I opened the sonic doors towards Alexander Flood's new record Oscillate and my jazz-self hasn't been the same ever since. Mesmerized by the style and ability of the versatile Australian drummer, I found myself exploring in-depth the album (released via Jakarta Records).

Oscillate's title (and opening) track is a bold statement for what awaits for the next 36 minutes and 31 seconds. A result of 17 years of performing, studying, and exploration, the song is one of the most experimental sounds on the record. It ebbs and flows from classic jazz elements with its powerful dynamics and funk grooves that are bound to make you feel. I recently listened to a podcast on AI music where hosts argued that jazz would be the last standing ground in the fight against machine-generated music because of the randomness and improvisation engraved in it. I really want to see a machine replicating Alexander's art because... it's impossible.

I would personally recommend listening to the whole album in one go and for those of you vinyl heads - you can pre-order the vinyl on the label's Bandcamp page.

posted by Ivo
May 2023