Traveling is one of my favorite things and Lisabon is a dream destination.

Those two topics connect in "Azulejo" - a song from the new EP by Alexander IV, called Tripping. Known for his genre-defying music, blending the likes of instrumental hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz, bossa-nova & even trip-hop, the alter-ego of Feiertag has prepared us quite the journey (pun intended).

He elaborates, "I really loved making this Tripping EP. To be honest, maybe the most fun to make of all Alexander IV projects so far. It came together very natural. You can hear my love for old school triphop artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, combined with a modern approach. I was happy to be able work with friends on the EP, like the vocalists Leonard Luka and Puck Cézanne and sampled one of my friends’ double bass. So it kind of turned into a nice family affair. Hope you all like it!"

Soaked in sunny vibes, soulful samples & a lot of groove, this is an EP for the upcoming summer. Close your eyes & enjoy it. Steam/buy here.

posted by Nasko
4 weeks ago