You know how sometimes you click the link not really expecting anything and then your ears explode with all the goodness of the track? That was me when I clicked play.

Annika Schmarsel aka Alice Ivy is hailing from Australia (I guess I'm going back to exploring my favourite music scene), and she stormed in 2016 with her "Touch". According to her Triple J Unearthed bio "she has worked to infuse soul and funk music by recording her own performance, and sampling it alongside electronic production", and I do certainly hear J Dilla-ish beats in "Touch".

"Touch" is a  gorgeously layered mellow tune (and these layers are original recordings from the streets of Melbourne). Georgia Van Etten has contributed  vocals and it makes the track oh so silky smooth. It's the kind of track when you listen while sitting on the beach staring into nothing sorta situation. Well, you know what I mean.

Alice Ivy is definitely someone to watch in 2016 and if you happen to be reading this in Australia, check out her tour details here.

posted by Anna
February 2016