German alt indie / r&b singer Amilli took the world by surprise with her 2018 release "Rarri" and has been rising ever since. One of the most impressive artists in the genre, in my book.

Amilli grew up in Bochum - a small German town and her plans were vastly different from her current reality. Though she harbored a love for music and participated in the school choir while also playing piano, she also enjoyed expressing herself creatively and working with children, leading her to consider a career in teaching. However, one pivotal day, Amilli accepted an invitation to sing a topline over a friend's beat, and from that moment on, her life veered in an unexpected direction.

Fast-forward to 2023 and we're about to experience her debut album SOAMI scheduled for release in the upcoming months. The album's title track which we get to experience today exudes warmth and dreaminess. Listening to "SOAMI" feels like an intimate confession of a friend while walking on the old streets you grew up on.

When it comes to "SOAMI", Amelie shares, "The title song "SOAMI", stands for the urge that everything I do must be perfect and that I link my value to my productivity. With that comes a lot of anxiety and I overthink a lot of what I do way too much. Nevertheless, because of its positive sound and the fact that I face these fears, the song gives me a lot of strength, comfort, and self-confidence to break out of my comfort zone and trust myself and the process."

This is the third single from the SOAMI journey. You can listen to everything below.

posted by Ivo
April 2023