Ambient guitarist and composer Amparo just released her new EP Palm House, comprised of six ethereal, yet so intrinsically human-felt soundscapes.

After announcing her upcoming EP in September with the track "Coastal Dusk", Amparo just shared a second piece from her album, titled "Oakwood". The relation to nature and introspective mood can be felt in every chord as the melody unfolds organically and develops a richer texture.

Coming from the deserted areas of Arizona and living under the northern lights in the Scandinavian landschafts, acts as a signature motif for the minimalist songwriter.From melancholy to sheer joy and intimacy, Amparo documents her exploratory journeys by stripping down each emotion to a poised, melodic sound.

The Palm House EP comes in limited edition audio tapes and closes with the slower but intensely charged "Dislands Honey" leaving vivid impressions of her authentic compositions.

posted by Staff
November 2018