Imagine a blend of Tycho and Moderat's music. Beautiful, isn't it? This is what happened when producer ITO took on the task to remix Amparo's "Ruby".

Amparo is (according to her profile) an "Arizona girl, lost wandering the woods" and her album Rains dropped towards the end of 2017. Few months later, a few talented producers (including Edapollo and Richard Alfaro) from around the world decided to add their own vision to the album:

I’m forever thankful these artists took the creative energy and time to turn my music into something beyond what I could imagine. Each track is perfectly beautiful and gives a glimpse into each of their styles - all of which I’m a major fan of.

You can still hear the original guitar melodies floating through this EP, but now a new layer of emotions has been added and it’s something special. Hope you all love these as much as I do.

The gorgeousness you're listening today is the works of Munich-based producer ITO. The original is very... intimate and somehow haunting and while the traces of that remain, this new version is a lot more... intense (in a good and engaging way).

If you're curious of the whole Rains Remixes EP, stream it below.

posted by Ivo
April 2018