An-Ten-Ne, Maddy O’neal & Torii Wolf combine forces to create a stellar future-forward piece that transcends genre categorization.

One of the main reasons as to why we're sometimes immediately fascinated by certain songs more often than not stems from the fact that we hear something completely new or unrecognizable and then subconsciously try to make sense of it. Even as a music producer myself, this was the case with the synths and vocal processing on this track. They are so otherworldly and perfectly placed in the context of the song, my mind was blown upon hitting the play button for the first time.

Furthermore, with the tasty but subtle 808 hip hop beats, warm oozing bass and wonderfully laced with the majestic voice of Torii Wolf the track is an instant jaw-dropper and one of those where only a single listen is never enough. Things get even better when you enjoy the track alongside its aesthetically and conceptually pleasing music video, linked below:

posted by Chris
June 2021