Honestly, this isn't a combo I've ever imagined I'd hear but here we are.

Not that I'm compaining - just the contrary, this is one gorgeous addition to New Music Friday (which, funnily enough, today we've renamed to New Masego Friday, with 2 more releases from him out today - with Kojey Radical & with Tank and the Bangas).

So, his touch to Anomalie's new single takes things to another level and makes "Memory Leaves" to what can only be described as magic, with a pinch of melancholy - electro r&b with lots of jazz, hip hop & soul. Nick (Anomalie) elaborates:

I met [Masego] at NAMM in 2017, and reconnected at the retreat prior to the session but he’s the one who put Jazzy Jeff onto me… As much as I enjoy playing music live with others, when it comes to writing and creating, I’ve always preferred doing it alone. Collaborations are still fun for me as they bring me out of my comfort zone, but once I’ve done one I’m usually excited to go back to my solo workflow. Working on Memory Leaves with Masego was invigorating. I found an amazing creative partner, and I’m still very much inspired by that session and the way the track came together. I was blown away! I hope this one resonates with you as much as it did with me when I first heard Masego’s chorus come to life!

posted by Nasko
February 2022