It always warms my heart to release with a Bulgarian artist and I'm happy to welcome Denislav, or Anomalycircles, for his debut on Stereofox Records.

Aside from being a producer, he's also a keyboardist with 20+ years of experience (he picked up the piano when he was 5) and you can tell that from this gem he's brought us.

"Different Vibes" is indeed different from the majority of chillhop you've heard out there. Playful keys, laughter samples, and warm & nostalgic brass make up for such a unique experience - somewhere between positivity & melancholy.

He shares, “This track is inspired by the Covid period. The name itself implies that the stages each one of us went through during that times are quite different. From the happiness that we have more time to devote to ourselves to realizing the social distance that emerged between us.”

Find "Different Vibes" on all platforms here.

posted by Nasko
January 2023