If, for some reason, you're feeling overwhelmed today, this is your gateway to the most chilled weekend.

Yokohama-based, Canadian producer another silent weekend (clearly a fan of taking a chill day off) teamed up with Arbee for this melancholic beauty called "Slow Movement". True to its title, the song has the softest drums & the most tender melodies - especially the guitar towards the end.

another silent weekend shares, “Slow Movement" is about feeling somewhat stuck to me. Only moving forward bit by bit. I made the song with Arbee back in 2021ish and the song was put on a hiatus for the longest time because I wasn’t happy with it. Eventually, I returned to it after a year and finished it, and was able to finalize a version I am happy with. I provided guitar and drums whereas Arbee did some nice synthy stuff and also helped out with drums.”

Stream/buy on your preferred platform here.

posted by Nasko
August 2023