Archie Holmes has been stirring the curiosity of the electronic underground, and even BBC Radio 1 since he burst on the scene in 2021. And this year, he gears up to release his much-anticipated debut EP Dawn to Dusk via Stereofox Records.

The UK-based artist's first single "Aurora" teases listeners with its fun and bouncy bass line that's bound to have you grooving along. In the backdrop, we pick up on the sounds of subtle, airy pads with an atmospheric allure, and this is accentuated by distant vocal samples and washed-out synths. Archie is only 19, and to see that he's already making music as enchanting as this exhibits that he's on a path to stardom.

This marks his first release with Stereofox, with the follow-up single "Bloom" arriving on June 1st. Later this summer Archie will be offering the experience of Dawn to Dusk EP live as he will be playing FLY Open Air festival on the main stage alongside Denis Sulta and Chaos in the CBD.

"When creating this EP I was focusing on making music which doesn’t necessarily follow any particular genre and just making music that I liked, not trying to fit to any trends."

posted by Lu
May 2023