posted by Hristina
June 2020

Looking for some Spotify inspiration and new playlists to add to your growing collection? Here’s a diverse list with some of the best Spotify playlists to get you through any day, any mood and sound craving.

1. The Best Playlist To Put On Repeat

We’ve all hit that major mood when you just need that perfect playlist - neither too distracting, nor boring; it’s happy and funky, makes you appreciate life but doesn’t quite transport you to the club (and that’s a good thing). Stereofox’s Groovy Beats Spotify playlist is all that happy instrumental hip hop, soul, funk and bossa nova you need every day. It’ll help get anything done.

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2. The Best Chillhop Playlist, Jazz Edition

Is there anything better than some jazz hop to get you in the mood for a super productive and focused day? I think not. The Jazz Hop Café is hands down, one of the best chillhop Spotify playlists for any time of day but especially if you’ve just gotten a fresh cup of coffee. It’s updated monthly with fresh tracks and has all the instrumental vibes you need.

3. The Get-Your-Summer-On Playlist

Tune in with Chillout 2020 for an immediate blast of summer. Listening to this gem of a playlist is bound to bring out the happiest and sunniest mood in anyone. It’s got your favorite beach bar electronica, deep house afterhours mood, and relaxing chill tracks for all the time in between lounging out with friends.   

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4. The Pick-Me-Up Playlist

Two words – drum & bass. Spotify’s very own Massive Drum & Bass playlist carries that extra boost of energy for a gentle kick to help you overcome the afternoon slump and re-engage your mind (+ body). Maybe it’s a workout, maybe a heap of emails you’re going through or a long drive, doesn’t matter. Enjoy that beat drop – dancing is allowed.

5. The Fresh Indie Spotify Playlist

If you appreciate good under-the-radar indie, you should listen to Undiscovered & Brilliant.  

All tracks have less than 30K streams on Spotify. Personally, I don’t listen to indie every day but do enjoy the selection – there are some solid indietronica, sexy vocals, bubbly, soulful beats, and folk sound.

6. The New Sound Playlist

How easily do you get bored? Do you need to change your workstation often in order to stay on top of your work/study game? Do you crave a change of musical pace to keep you on your toes? If so, check out TheSoundYouNeed Weekly for new sounds and current tracks.

Lounge, house, hip-hop, future garage – you name it, this playlist has it all. Working, cooking, kicking back, writing – endless opportunities to enjoy.

7. The Sexiest Of All Spotify Playlists

Lush Vibes is hands down my favorite Stereofox playlist on Spotify and a big-time crowd-pleaser among our entire team. Where do I even start...You’ve got that r&b, the sensuality, and soul elements.

Whether it’s a solo night in with your book and a glass of wine or romantic time with someone else, this playlist is guaranteed to bring a whole lotta mood and relaxation. Alternatively, I’ve also found it to be perfect for a mellow evening yoga flow. Yoga and self-love are sexy too, no?

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8. The LoFi HipHop Playlist With A Japanese Twist

Can’t travel but wishing you were roaming Asia right now? This Japanese LoFi HipHop playlist is a game changer. Steeped in classical Japanese influences, it’s guaranteed to transport your mind and soul out East.

The mandolin vibes mashed with an addictive hip hop beat are everything I needed but didn’t know it. Disclaimer, this playlist may or may not induce daydreaming.

9. The Mindfulness Playlist: Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are slowly and surely carving out their space into chillout, ambient sound, and downtempo instrumental music. They bring higher healing vibrations and a sense of mind-body transcendence that, in my opinion, no other instrument carries.

This Tibetan Bowls playlist by Spotify is an excellent playlist if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the variety of singing bowl sounds – each one triggering a different bodily vibration. Maybe you find inspiration for your next mix or a new meditation track? In any case, it’s magical.

10. The Morning Wake-Up Playlist

If you too are not quite the morning personal and like to start your mornings slowly, then this Morning Instrumental Spotify playlist is the perfect transition from dreamland to full immersion in your daily activities. I very much enjoy the balance between classical music, which makes up the majority of the tracks, and the occasional electronic flare that gives the playlist just the right amount of oomph.  

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