posted by Noemie
November 2014

SARH is the side project of DJ Pone, former Birdy Nam Nam turnablist, and Jose Reis Fontao, frontman of the band Stuck in the Sound. The band is named after a rustling Sahelian town and its music evokes those desolate dunes, where wind urges the grains of sand dance.

SARH is an unexpected collaboration, born out of friendship. Away from DJ Pone hip hop sets and Jose Reis Fontao fury rock influences, SARH produce magnificent etheral beats. Jose warms Pone's production with his voice.

Label Week Sarh

"U and I" is an extract of their debut eponimous album out on Believe Recordings since June 2nd. The track comes along with a beautiful video clip that reflects SARH spatial universe, and the hope that lays behind the darkeness. The dancers' movements are decomposed urging us to slow down and take a moment to listen to their full-length album or catch him on the road while we can.