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May 2016

Last weekend ended with the presentation of Pantha du Prince’s new record, called The Triad, which marks his return to the stage.

After 6 years Hendrik Weber, who stands behind Pantha Du Prince, has built something to share. The concept of the record changed his usual approach in developing music. As he said in the press release for “The Triad”, the composition was more about meeting people and jamming. A good thing to do in the age of Internet and virtual relations.

The Triad will be available next week and Weber presented it at the Berlin XJAZZ Festival, with Scott Mou (Queens) and Bendik Kjeldsberg from The Bell Laboratory, giving a performance the artisans needed to manifest the complexity of the sounds. The stage was full of pedals, synthesizers, controllers, microphones and computers, creating a deep and danceable atmosphere for more than an hour.

The concert started after 9PM on Sunday, and the stage was brightly arranged to welcome the musicians. The crowd was willing to join in – to experience a new adventure of Pantha Du Prince, hearing his yet unreleased record for the very first time.

The band played approximately 15 tracks and fell back on early pieces from Black Noise, including “The Splendorous”, “A nomad’s retreat” and “Satellite Snyper” – a harmonizing trio breathing new life into old songs.

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The Triad was interpreted in a noisy way: “Frau im Mond Sterne laufen”, “Chasing vapour trails”, “You What? Euphoria!”, “In a Open Space”, “Dream yourself awake”, and “The Winter Hymn”, amongst others. Introducing a live band with this new album, Pantha Du Prince is free to wander new paths. All the tracks sound dirty, but at the same time they offer the perfect sounds inviting you to occupy the dance floor.

The new atmosphere that Weber introduces keeps the early concept of his fantasy character. At the same time, with the addition of Mou and Kjeldsberg he gets an extra trick on stage. But when The Triad echoes in the loneliness of houses and offices, it's not like under the lights of a stage and turns into a much more intimate record that invites listeners to daydream.

The Triad has two faces: one conveys the darkness of the rooms and the other encourages people to embrace and dance in a bright environment – to discover a palette of sounds and voices exclusively created for sharing.

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