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November 2013

Music. The universal language that connects us. Whether one fancies hardcore metal, acoustic folk, or scintillating jazz, there is an unknown, unexplainable force that draws us in, enveloping us in the sweetness of its sound.

Photography, like music, is an art that exposes raw emotion. So when Colombian photographer Andy VC set out on a journey to capture both images and sounds of the soul, you can imagine the magic that was created.

Andy met the Swedish saxophonist Björn in Dharamsala, a town in Northern India. Björn developed a love for music at a young age, taking to the saxophone at only ten years old. After graduating from music school, his connection to nature and desire to enhance his craft through diverse musical influences led him to venture out and uncover what the earth and its creatures had to offer.

Music. Universal Language 2

His travels led Björn to India, a land where he not only discovered exciting new music styles and culture, but amazing locations in which he could "give himself completely to music."

"Traveling is just the way I found to get some fresh air and come up with that sound that makes people move," Björn told Andy.

The pair of artists joined forces and set out for a few days of art and adventure. Björn led Andy to some of his favorite locations- remote areas of the forests, river banks, fields among wildlife, and eventually into the Indian village. Traveling from place to place, Andy captured Björn surrounded not only by the beauty of the land, but the natural acoustics the "forest [and] rivers" provided.

As Björn absorbed inspiration from the Indian people and culture, he shared with them the magical sounds it created. Mesmerized by the saxophone, it brought smiles to their faces and they thanked Björn for sharing his musical gift. Andy stated "The Indian audience here is a great reason to play for hours and hours. They seem to simply enjoy every musical note and jazzy expression that only a saxophone player can have."

Below Andy shares an intimate look into their musical journey. For a full gallery of Andy’s work, visit his website.

Björn is currently a member of Swedish reggae band Partiet. Listen to his music below:

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