posted by Alex
March 2014

How many videos can you think of that take place in a sauna? My number is close to 0 if I do not count the epic fight scene of Jean-Claude Vad Damme with yet another muscular guy from the Russian mafia.

Anyway, enough flashbacks from the past, I am focusing on Artymove. It is a Swedish band from Stockholm that is made of three members : Peter Sydén, Mathias Näslund and Mathilda Lindgren. The have been together since 2011 and at their soundcloud page contains an impressive amount of tracks : 41.

Originally "Back and Forth" was entirely an Artymove's project. Things changed after the band members met Mercedes at  a concert in Stockholm, last year. The rap twist definitely makes the song more exciting. Dark, mysterious beats, sexy vocals, the track is perfect for a Saturday night out - very dance friendly.

p.s. special thanks to   , the best source to learn from when it comes to the Swedish music scene.