posted by Ivo
May 2019

A few months ago we kicked off the journey towards Jackson Dyer's new album Inlet. Today marks another step in that beautiful sonic journey with his latest single and official video for "Paper Lanterns".

As always, the Australian-born, Berlin-based singer and songwriter is simply put enchanting. "Paper Lanterns" channels the soothing and laid-back chillwave aesthetic he has been commanding these last few months. Speaking on the track, Jason shares...

"Paper Lanterns" is a song centred around the notion of moving on and focusing on the positivity and hope that can be found in change. For the majority of the writing and producing period, I was stationed in a small, coastal town on the east coast of Australia. I‘d often drive to the next major town and I think that the open expanses had a big effect on the song’s energy. Turning up my favourite music, with the windows down and rolling past the landscape was something that I relished and I think a little bit of that euphoria and freedom is expressed in "Paper Lanterns".

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