posted by Iva
June 2016

Scandinavian artists possess a unique perception of the world, in that they can discern bleakness and cold with an almost cheerful disposition. Moods and subject matters which would typically be seen as depressing by almost anyone else are explored in Scandinavian art with Nordic stoicism, even certain hints of glee. Danish producer Trentemøller has turned this temperament into an individual genre trait of creating dark electronic pieces which on paper should sound dreary but in fact leave you joyful and reflective. 4

Savages are a London-based band which makes the ever so rare these days breed of indie/post-punk/noise which manages to sound original and genuine. A valid contribution to their unique sound is the deep and dramatic vocals of lead singer Jehnny Beth. Their sophomore Adore Life was mixed by Trentemøller, who in turn announced the upcoming release of a new studio album in September. The first single out of this new album features the lead singer of Savages Jehnny Beth.

The ubercool (literally) video is directed by Trentemøller compatriots Riton Emenius and is as Danish as a multi-layered sweet pastry.

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