posted by Ivo
April 2021

We've been following since the distant 2016 and every time the New Zealand-born, Berlin-based artist puts anything out its pure magic.

Today we're excited to share with you his latest live performance in collaboration with Badehaus Berlin who have turned their dancefloor into THE ORBIT - a specially designed performance space, combining elements from the theatre, concert, and film world.

Since over a year we've been mutating professionally, our bookers and bartenders turned into film workers and our light technicians learned how to adapt the light from the human eye to the camera lens.

The Orbit is our answer to the concertless time. It's not a live stream, it's a metamorphosis of a live performance and a music video.

Experience is a good way to summarize the 3 minutes and 15 seconds below. Sit back, hit the play button, and submerge.

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