Ben Lukas Boysen has made a career out of transforming unusual sounds into compelling music. His first electronic compositions at 18 were experiments with samplers and tape loops leading to an album in 2003 and the subsequent foundation of his own Berlin studio. Since, he has produced multiple albums (many under the alias HECQ), and led numerous workshops on composition and sound aesthetics, as well as creating custom sound design for films, commercials, video games and installations. Some of his clients include Audi, Ableton, Lexus, Nike, Mazda, BMW, Lenovo, Sky, Cartier, Ritz Carlton, Google, and Swarovski. Boysen’s first film score for Restive premiered in 2011, followed by his debut album under his own name in 2013, and the award-winning score for the Sony Playstation game, Everything, in 2016.