Deceptikon is Zachary Wright, an instrumental hip-hop / IDM artist from Portland, Oregon USA. After releasing a full length album on called Approximating (e) in 1998, he signed with American label Merck Records in 2002. His label debut Lost Subject, a limited 12" ep, was released in January 2003. A full-length album on CD of the same name - Lost Subject - was released by Merck in May 2004. Another limited 12" EP, Lost Subject 2 was released by Merck in July 2004. 2004 also saw a download-only release of a live set called Live From Oregon. Wright moved to Tokyo in 2005 or 2006. In 2006 he self-released a tour CDr limited to 200 copies called Birds of Cascadia featuring 5 new tracks and 5 remixes of other artists. January 2007 saw the release of Greater Cascadia, a 12" EP again released by Merck. Following that, a full length CD of the same title was self-released in September 2007 and re-issued on CDr by Belgian label vu-us in 2009. A mix CD called Ascii Ghettoblaster was also self-released in 2007.