Dreamfield is a collaborative project between instrumentalists and producers Summit One & Post-Ambient. With a 40 year age span between them, Dreamfield combines multi-generational sounds through dreamy guitar riffs, jazzy sax melodies, and the soul of classic rock n' roll with the taste of modern era lofi and chill beats.

Cody, the artist behind the Summit One project is a saxophonist and producer based in Denver, Colorado. He is also the host of The Chilled Samples Podcast, which is a show dedicated to celebrating and platforming the talented, diverse, and underrepresented artists of the lofi, chillhop, and mellow beats community.

Kelly, the artist behind the Post-Ambient projects is a guitarist and producer based in Minnesota. Touring in the 1970's, taking part in massive artistic cultural shifts, and witnessing some of the greatest bands of all times has helped him develop a mature, complex, and unique musical sound. His collaborative network also expands across the world.