On the tipping edge between mainstream & underground, Eastern Europe suburbs embossed artist FVLCRVM is a celebration of unpredictability. ADHD distorted production of niche club genres meets mellow pop musicality with reinvented 90s vibe. Borrowing a name from a mad Russian jet fighter FVLCRVM found a form in inconsistency. His rebirth from a producer to a singer-songwriter came with the song "Hi!", which ended up in the best 100 tracks of 2017 on Spotify's renowned Fresh Finds Playlist. With his most recent follow-up Words Loose Meaning EP, FVLCRVM offered a crisp and eloquent take on pop music and provided the viewer with a peek into a mind-blowing version of a dystopian future. The track “Words” caught the attention of Kevin Cole who crowned it a KEXP's Song of the Day 2020 as one of the few singles from Eastern Europe. His live shows are burning the bridge between a DJ set and vocal/instrumental performance and this crosslink will be heavily reflected on his upcoming 5 track EP.