Washington D.C.-born and New York-based artist, rapper, poet, and thinker KAMAUU officially signed with Atlantic Records in 2015 and made his first proper debut with his appearance on “QUEEN” from No Wyld’s critically acclaimed Ascension EP. In 2016 he released A Gorgeous Fortune EP which introduced his first solo single “Jusfayu.” The single went on to generate over 10 million cumulative streams and was handpicked by NPR as one of their “Songs We Love.” KAMAUU was also featured on The Birth of a Nation: The Inspired By Album with “The Icarus.” A year later, he unleashed his full-length debut, TheKAMAUU-CASSETTE: ŭRTH GōLD, and continued to stoke buzz. He has now carefully assembled what will become his third offering for the label, TheKAMAUU-CASSETTE: MíXD GRēēNS out now. His newest music manages to successfully weave together threads of rap, reggae, soul, and even doo wop.