Kieran Boyle Hemming (born May 9 1999) is a music producer, composer and instrumentalist born in Northampton, England. He moved to Galway, Ireland when he was 4 and soon began playing the guitar and writing music. Music production quickly became a passion after being gifted his first computer and a copy of Ableton 8 lite at 14. With an eclectic selection of inspiration from the likes of Gorillaz, deadmau5, Hans Zimmer and The Beatles there is no wonder his music bends the rules of pop music, fusing elements of ambient electronica with hip hop and dance. Using unconventional methods of music production and songwriting he has amassed over a million streams all while designing and developing his signature sound consisting of warm analog timbres, luscious soundscapes and smooth drum programming. With any song, he layers emotion and meaning into the music, with the goal of each listener interpreting the song for themselves, creating their own powerful and personal experience.