Lo Tea, a talented producer hailing from Haarlem, Netherlands, is on a musical mission to create captivating and soothing experiences through lo-fi music. Out of his involvement as a co-founder of the renowned Drum and Bass alias, T & Sugah, and the esteemed Drum and Bass record label, High Tea Music, The Lo Tea alias emerged from his passion for transporting listeners to serene places and most importantly, his apparent passion for creating Tea-related word play. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and personal experiences, Lo Tea's goal is to craft soundscapes that transport individuals to enchanting destinations, such as nocturnal cities in the rain, flourishing spring forests, or even a secluded desert island. Each composition weaves together elements of melodic storytelling and scene-setting, making for an immersive and captivating musical journey. With the recent release of his debut single, "Haunted," on the esteemed Nosta label, Lo Tea has embarked on an exciting new chapter in his career. "Haunted" serves as the initial stepping stone on this musical odyssey, setting the tone for the introspective and emotive soundscapes yet to come.