London based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, filmmaker and mastering engineer. Maxi’s diverse background inspired them to embark on a raw and visceral dive into storytelling, using a multitude of themes, styles and genres. 
 Maxi’s background includes composing music for the BBC and Universal, his works are used on Louis Theroux, Sky Sports, Jay Z V Kanye, Netflix, Channel 4, Heart FM, Smooth FM and many more. He's also worked with many inspiring engineers, producers and musicians including Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Animals As Leaders) George Lever (Loathe, Sleep Token) Mike Malyan (Monuments, Disperse, The Algorithm) Rabea Massaad (Toska, Dorje), Dave Hollingworth (Toska, Dorje) Toby Peterson-Stewart (The Omnific) John Browne (Monuments) Doug Harper (Rick Astley, Gary Barlow, Book of Mormon) Anup Sastry (Skyharbor, Intervals, Devin Townsend), Acle Kahney (Tesseract) Luke Martin (Plini) Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Tim Laws (Gabrielle, S Club 7, Liberty X), Spitfire Audio