Reza Safinia is a multi-instrumentalist composer and producer based in Los Angeles. With eclecticism at the heart of his methodology, his work spans multiple genres as well as industries, ranging from classical compositions for major film scores to electronic music production. Safinia has worked with several acclaimed artists such as Britney Spears, Akala and Dr. Dre, and has toured with Destiny’s Child. In the film and television industry, the artist has worked as a composer for soundtracks on projects such as the 2016 Nicolas Cage film The Trust, the 2014 film adaptation of Stephen King’s Mercy, and on the Cinemax period martial arts show, Warrior, originally conceived by Bruce Lee and produced by Justin Lin. Reza has a lifelong interest in Eastern philosophies and martial arts. As a yoga teacher as well as a Daoist, the producer’s artistry is often expressed as a fusion of two worlds, marrying classical orchestration with elements of contemporary electronic music. This melding of diverse soundscapes allows for an immersive and cinematic harmony in his music.