Sabrina Starke is an award-winning selfconscious Singer songwriter, producer & social artist living in Rotterdam. She has a number of prestigious awards to her name for her soulful music. In 15 years, Sabrina has released a large number of singles and 6 albums.

In 2008 her now platinum debut album “Yellow Brick Road” was released, which contains the hit single “Do for Love”. That album was released on the legendary jazz record label 'Blue Note'. Numerous performances in the Netherlands and abroad soon followed.

All her albums are rooted in soul, hip-hop, folk and blues, inviting the listener to look closer at the layers of their own lives. Self-awareness, identity, personal growth, love and the inner world are themes and common threads within her songs.

'Slow it Down' is the first song from her upcoming EP that will be released in September 2023.