Theresa Ng'ambi Bio Kanjiba (born Theresa Ng'ambi) is an Afro-traditional musician from Lusaka, Zambia. Grew up as a music lover with preferences in traditional music percussion, jazz, blues and soul. Raised by a single mother and inspired by nature with an influence of old story (folk) songs from her grandmother. Following her grandfather’s footsteps, a retired miner and a Kalimba player, she developed interest in singing and writing ethenal music at the age of 5. The tragic events of losing her parents, brother, grandparents at young age, Theresa decided to write a diary of her life through music. Her passion for music made her audition for a spot to start her professional career and during this period, Chali Mulalami a producer, spotted her and signed her with Sling Beats Records.Her First single recorded was "Watembeleredwa". Later, she entered a competition for live music called ‘The Music Crossroads’ which included young artist from East and Southern African countries. This competition nurtured her into loving African music on acoustic guitar and percussive instruments. She studied music and English at Evelyn Hone College, while in school she formed a student band that had a few commercial gigs at corporate events and National Commemoration functions for three years.The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also featured her on their entertainment segment `back to the roots` that gave her songs air play with an intimate interview on BBC Network Africa.