Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Timothy and the Apocalypse started producing his brand of cinematic beats as a soundtrack for the end of the world.  His 2021 debut album Future So Bright established Timothy as a serious player on the downtempo/trip-hop scene, capturing the hearts of musical aficionados with The Mindful Cherub on Spotify’s Just Chill playlist. His latest works, Ethereal Event contains a multitude of heady and wondrous mix of breaks, soothing textures, and a reassuring feminine presence. Exemplary focus single Start Again brings the fun of Madchester indie-rave. Dazzling with a distinctive production style that leaps across genre boundaries like psychedelic, dystopian film soundtracks, rave, drum and bass and soul, are among the influences that inspire Timothy’s songs.  It’s like screaming along the freeway channel surfing the radio to random stations, yielding a unique head-bopping discovery every time. Stay tuned for remixes of The Mindful Cherub by 9 Theory, Time Meddler and Floating Pyramids.