The project of Cornwall-based music obsessive and multi-talented artist, Karum Cooper, Webmoms has traversed many genres in his past lives. Before he took on the name Webmoms, Cooper played as the guitarist for critically acclaimed alt-rock band Hypophora, touring the UK and Europe and being featured everywhere from Dork, Kerrang! and Upset to BBC Introducing and many more. Cooper then became a drummer in prog-rock outfit For The Oracle and playing bass for Pop artist Daisy Clark.  Having built a wealth of experience playing for others, Cooper wanted to establish a name for himself as a solo artist and debut his personal sound to the world. Thus, last year, he released the ‘Ruchikar’ EP under Webmoms. His unique melding of Lo-Fi, Hip Hop and Soul sounds received critical support from titles such as Complex UK, Stamp The Wax and Magnetic Magazine. The EP also received support from Spotify, seeing adds to The Best of Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds ‘The Wave’ as well as by influential tastemakers College Music.