Hearing the calm jazzy e-piano harmony in the intro of "Just Say" was quite satisfying as it is, but once I heard the half-time beat and the sub come in, the bass-head in me was absolutely sold.

Adding a more laid-back melodic twist to his style, ATYYA's track seems to differ from his usual dub, sub-heavy sound, but that's more than welcome. Blending chillstep, jazzhop and future bass, "Just Say" comes off as a true modern electronic equivalent of a symphony. Punchy drums, vocal shops swimming in ethereal reverb and sparkly plucks build up on top of the modified chord progression. With all of the interesting transitions and ways the track develops, the change-up at 2:45 is there to destroy any doubts you had about this track not being the grooviest thing you've heard today.

Whether you decide to put "Just Say" in your bass playlist or somewhere amongst your favorite chill & groovy tracks, it will fit right in.

posted by Chris
June 2021